Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Gabriel Construct Breaking the Genre Construct

The Gabriel Construct is a challenge.  It's weird; I can honestly say I've never heard anything like it.  There are many familiar things about it - great piano arrangments, grungy guitars, harmonies, extremely good drumming, singing - but the way it's all put together makes it almost impossible to categorize, and totally unfamiliar.  And that's why it's good. In an age of cookie cutter pop with regurgitated hooks, melodies, and lyrics, you have to look for the good stuff.  But it's out there, and many of it breaks conventional wisdom and blows away the idea of putting music in any sort of genre.  Because of that, it's free to be anything, and that's exactly what The Gabriel Construct is: a little of anything, everything, and awesome.

Also note the drumming by Travis Orbin.

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