Friday, April 11, 2014

No Sense Makes Sense: The Lyrics and Song Titles of The Sea and Cake.

Bring My Car I Feel to Smash It. Choice Blanket. Traditional Wax Coin. The Colony Room. Two Dolphins.
Afternoon Speaker. So Long to the Captain.

Welcome to the top, well I thought so.  Salted and used, so you try me.  I'm better hoping a sour sweetness. It doesn't matter about what you say.  Rambo to the captain.  Look now, it's about to happen.


That wasn't a stream of consciousness.  

Above are selected titles and lyrics by The Sea and Cake. They're completely random and yet make complete sense.  They're like Bigfoot, or UFOs.  Uncovering their mystery would destroy their mystique. There's a beauty in the random that is the same with painting as with music as with anything. Trying to explain every choice in a work of art reduces it to nothing but calculations.  The best way to understand the genius of The Sea and Cake's lyrics and song titles is to imagine if they weren't random, but just some more lyrics and titles that made sense.  How boring would that be?

Some things are better left unexplained.

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