Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Cinematic Orchestra and The Man With A Movie Camera. Two Great Things.

The Man With A Movie Camera was a groundbreaking experimental film by Russian filmmaker Dziga Vertof.  It featured no plot, no characters, and no special effects.  The beauty of this film is in its simplicity.  Because it wasn't about any specific thing, it could be about all kinds of things.  It's about 24 hours in Soviet city life.  It's about man's interaction with the marvels of machinery. It's about a man walking around with a movie camera filming things.  It's about the very nature of film.  It's a great film.

The Cinematic Orchestra is a nu-jazz band from London.  But don't let that label mislead you.  Their music is emotional, exciting, dynamic, both simple and complex, and very good. Not always adjectives to describe nu-jazz. They're a great band by any standard.

What happens when these two great things come together?  Something great, of course.  And here it is:

"The Man With a Movie Camera" with music by The Cinematic Orchestra

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