Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dyed In The Wool Ghost. British Theatre.

Although Oceansize is no more, that hasn't stopped Oceansize's front-man Mike Vennart and guitarist Richard Ingram from making great music.  Their post-Oceansize effort, British Theatre, is sure to fill the rift Oceansize left in the music time continuum, preventing the universe from almost certain collapse.  Good thing too, because the only thing bad about this EP is that it's not a full-length.  Dyed In the Wool Ghost is haunting and delicate, and also very intense.  It holds on to that intensity only to go out quietly (I mean that in the best way) with the completely understated track, Helicopters, that reminds me of taking a stroll around a sparsely populated metropolis at 2 or 3am where all is not what it seems. Do yourself a favor and take a listen. 

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