Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Look Through the Telescope.

This is the first picture of the sun taken by NASA's NuSTAR telescope. Its data, the green and blue bits, reveals gas heated to above 3 million degrees. We couldn't see that before. Our earthly perception is too often so vastly and overwhelmingly limited. But sometimes we build a telescope. And we look through it, and we're in awe of what we see in it. Its revelation captivates us and we understand for a moment that there's so much more. And then quickly we take our eyes away from the telescope, and pull the wool back down because mostly we don't want to see. We expect to know but not have to look. But without looking, we'll never truly know. Today, tomorrow, and always, be willing to look through the telescope. Its revelation might just be as astounding as a picture of the sun.

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