Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Aloha Again

Aloha is set to release their first album in over six years this May.  For a while I didn't know if Aloha was ever coming back, but holy cow was it worth the wait.  The first singles to come out from Little Windows Cut Right Through ("Signal Drift" and most recently "Faraway Eyes") are as focused, intentional, and mature (in the artistic sense of the word) as it gets.  For a band whose only semblance of a genre distinction is experimentation and evolution, the first indicators from Little Windows are that after over a decade it's all paid off.

There are still hints of Aloha of old.  The vibes, some time signature switches, similar themes of miscommunication and whimsy, air, it's all there.  But this time around it feels like all the experimentation led to something, and that something was Little Windows.  Not to say that Aloha shouldn't, or won't, keep the experimentation up; after all, that's what makes them such a fresh group, but if these two singles are any indication of the rest of the album, this will be a more than triumphant return for Aloha.

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