Thursday, May 30, 2019

The Townhouse Asks Jennifer Pochinski: What is Art?

With You I Leave, oil and collage on panel, 48 x 38 inches, 2019

I think Art is a force or a vibration in which the artist plugs into. In order to really connect, there must be a balance of surrender and taking a stand. Painting is my favorite kind of art. "Practice" is such an underused word in painting. For me the practicing (or just painting a lot! ) has been an exercise in both handling paint and detaching. Becoming detached creates an opportunity to take risks which may lead to the lightning to strike in the bottle. The art that I respond to is simply talking, rather than talking to (the viewer). Showing, not telling.


Jennifer Pochinski is a painter based in California. She has had numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions and exhibits with Dolby Chadwick gallery in San Francisco, b. sakata garo in Sacramento, and Tregony in the UK. You can view more of her work on instagram @jenniferpochinski or her website

Friday, May 3, 2019