Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Long March

Written by: Evan Jones

La Revolucion! 

The nature of the revolution the United States find itself in the midst of is Marxist. There can be no more doubt about it. Black Lives Matter and the various political forces aligned with them or any of their acolytes would have you believe that there are no alternatives to their path. That their revolution is the only way to solve racial injustice, or any injustice, in the United States. That to disagree with them means you are the problem. When you are the problem, you must be removed at all costs. This is simply because what Black Lives Matter and the various political forces allied with it are attempting to achieve is the overthrow of the U.S. government. There can be no dissent, because this is not a political movement, it is a revolutionary one and a revolution takes no dissidents. Marxists take no dissidents.

I can be so sure that what we are witnessing is an attempted revolution, more specifically, a Marxist insurrection, because of one thing: history. What is happening in the United States right now has happened many times throughout history and looks almost identical. And the revolutionary roots have been taking hold in the United States for quite some time. The fact is, this is not a McCarthyist conspiracy theory. The evidence that this is a Marxist insurgency is overwhelming. In fact, we don't even have to look at any evidence beyond the revolutionaries' own words.

From Black Lives Matter's website

And yet despite the overwhelming evidence, the fact that the imagery, slogans, actions and words are all rehashes of Marxist revolutions passed, and the fact that the co-founder of one of the most powerful political forces in the country admitted to being a trained Marxist, we still seem to be watching this insurgency plod along as if it isn't happening. The American people's propensity to believe everything is fine cannot be overstated. We seem to be wholly unwilling to accept that our government and our society could be subjected to and affected by forces which seek its demise.

The Long March 

Marxism in the United States has been on a long march. For roughly sixty years, in fact. On their way, whether through covert action or simply through influence of their ideas, the Marxists have gained control over nearly every aspect of American culture. When looking around, whether it be in our universities, entertainment, the Church, our grocery store shelves, our government, and now all over our streets, it seems that in fact no aspect of life has remained untouched by the revolution. 

Their plan was laid out very clearly by G. Edward Griffin in the talk below from 1969. As is the case most times when someone has warned about Communist subversion of the United States in the past, it seems Mr. Griffin was too early in his predictions. That what he was warning about needed a few more decades to come to a head. This talk describes almost exactly what is happening on the streets of the United States right now, including the move to discredit and abolish local police forces, which has apparently been a goal of the Communists since the sixties.

The oft-vilified Joseph McCarthy was not entirely wrong in his assumptions either, even if his methods and tenacity were questionable. But yet again, McCarthy was too much ahead of his time to be taken seriously. The Communist plot, to put a catchy name to it, had not had sufficient time to develop. Sufficient numbers of people had not been educated in the ideas and appeals of Communism. There was, in short, not the kind of groundswell there is today to give any weight to the claims of Marxist subversion in the United States beyond the easily dismissed claims of shadowy agents working for the KGB.

But that isn't to say that even then, in the fifties and sixties, there weren't Marxist elements working toward the overthrow of the U.S. government. Robert F. Williams, Alger Hiss, and plenty of others were examples of this. But even more significant than the fact there there have been efforts by Communists to subvert the United States is that these movements have centered around race, in almost exactly the same manor as we are watching play out today. The race issue in America seems to be the best angle of attack that the subversive elements have. Again it seems that in the past the only thing stopping the success of the movement, or rather stopping it from breaking out into anything more than a fringe movement, was that in the past there weren't sufficient numbers of acolytes to carry the movement forward. The opposite is true in 2020.

Text from the "Subversive Influences in Riots, Looting, and Burning" before the House Committee on Un-American Activities

Today's Communists

In 2020, the Marxists have a very strong groundswell of support, whether those supporters know what they are championing or not. Universities have been chugging out well-trained, albeit mostly unwitting, Marxists for a few decades. Criticisms of the idea of Marxists operating in the U.S. typically are that Communism is the weakest it's ever been. That today there are no true communist countries, with the exception of the DPRK. That the communist countries like China and Russia are really capitalist. That the left in the United States isn't Marxist, that the Communists don't even like or associate with them. All these criticisms fail on a simple premise: that Marxists don't look like or act like they did during the Cold War. Marxism is no longer simply an economic revolution, but a cultural one. 

The Marxism of the 21st century is so ubiquitous that it's hard to recognize it when it's staring us in the face. It's been taught to us in high schools and universities, and the fruit of the indoctrination is now being borne out on our streets. Most of those who march in the name of Black Lives Matter don't even know that they're doing the work of the Marxists. Ironically, they project onto whites who disagree with their premises charges of "subconscious racism", when it is in fact their acolytes who are unwittingly championing Marxism.

But as one can't truly be a subconscious racist, anyone who marches under the banner of BLM isn't subconsciously a Marxist themselves. Far from it. They are simply the useful idiots who have no idea what is behind the catchy slogans they're chanting. Even the ones tearing down the statues aren't necessarily Marxists, though many likely are. The important thing here is the work they are doing. The fruits of the movement. The ushering in of a Marxist State.

Where We Are Headed

The United States' Marxist insurgency, the other long march, has gotten hold of most of our institutions. Generations of young Americans espouse Marxism and don't even know it and there are generations behind them who will be worse. This claim will surely be met with charges of conspiracy theory, but it's the truth. If you have had any interaction with more than one university professor, you're likely to come in contact with someone who spews Marxist doctrine. They may deny that they are one, but all of their literature, their thinking, their entire worldview is Marxist. The same goes for many young people. If Marxism has done anything more successfully and more sinister, it's that it has hidden itself in plain view. It no longer looks like a group of proletarians marching onto a landlord's farm with pitchforks. What it looks like today is a group of young, mis-educated throngs chanting slogans but who have no idea what they're doing. They are a perfect army to do the work of the real enemies of the Republic, who know exactly what they're doing, and exactly who they're exploiting.

But the final aim, I believe, for this little revolution is not simply a Marxist takeover of the United States. There is truth to the idea that the ones behind the movement, the powerful political forces and the real shadowy figures at the top, groups like the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and others, aren't avowed Marxists. Their ideologies are much deeper than and esoteric than Marxism. But if the useful idiots are the foot soldiers for the Marxists, then Marxism itself is the useful idiot of these groups.

Marxism is the most efficient political system of control in history. It infects every aspect of life including one's own mind so that the State has total control. 1984 was not fiction. Therefore, when the United States is sufficiently weakened and subverted, it will take the form of a Marxist State, but it will not simply be that. It will really be the final piece of the puzzle for a New World Order. A global control structure. That granddaddy conspiracy which seems to be unfolding right before our very eyes.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Thoughts On The Shift

Written By: Torrey Grossman

The veil is thinning all around us.

We have been failed by our education, by the media, by our government and by the religious structures of our day all the same. Those who have chosen to speak out and to think freely from the dogma have been labelled intellectual heretics or loons. And yet because of the severity of our failings, the people can’t help but begin to see, that we've been given garments to wear that are falling apart at the seams. 

Never before in modern history has the “conspiracy theorist” seemed so right. Never before has there been a stronger need for human society to realign itself closer to the truth.

It’s become clear to me, that we live in a time of astrological precision. Some have referred to it as the time of “The Great Turning". Be it the completion of Mayan Calendar, or the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, or the realigning of the Pyramids of Giza to a 26,000 year procession with the stars in Orion’s Belt.

The consensus on this much seems to be the same: that our world is undergoing an enormous shift of the ages and that beyond the physical changes (which are happening quicker than most of us can keep up with) the true shift is one that’s taking place on a consciousness level.

Our shadows are being drawn to the surface. All around us we see the collective Karma of past generations, of unprocessed lies and the traumas we’ve endured being pushed out into the open. We’re being forced to acknowledge them. This has caught many people off guard but then again, there were people who warned about these times long before we ever got to this point.

The unprecedented levels of change make having our feet underneath us and being grounded in truth the only way to handle it, lest we lose our sense of balance with the intensity of the waves we’re experiencing.

I believe it’s true that being born as a millennial comes with an enormous responsibility. We’re living through the weight of that now. It’s fallen on all of us, who are here at this time (whether ready or not) with the task of reorienting human society and steering us back away from the abyss of certain demise. 

Our direction has always been forward but we’re paralyzed to move and cannot step confidently without solid footing. Not without knowing who we are first, as we make that next and most important step into this new cycle.

Since I was young, I’ve always felt that there is a great weight of burden on this generation. Every generation has their challenges yet we live in a time when the old world is so obviously giving way to entropy at an accelerating rate. Many feel like we’ve been brought up unprepared for this and it’s all coming home now as the responsibility of our generation is beginning to set in.

So where do we go from here? Where do we look towards when the future is fast approaching and the walls of illusion are so obviously crashing down all around us?   

I think we need to look to nature to see that as any cycle completes itself, there is always a moment (as if in a flash) where the “Gestalt” takes place and the completed cycle becomes fully manifest to an observer. As if in the expression of a flower, or a fruit, or better yet a seed. The parts of the whole become fully present and are represented in the end design. The relationship of the cycle becomes as one. 

The truth of which is self-evident.

It’s in these moments when the power of the preceding cycle is released and so too is the harnessing capability to guide the plant onto the next. 

This is the time we find ourselves in and the responsibility to guide our fate falls on all of us here on the Earth now as observers. It’s in this cosmic window that we must look into our own past, into ourselves, and into our own nature so that we may find the vision capable of carrying us through to the completion of the cycle that lies ahead of us. We have but a seed to offer for future generations. 

The old barriers of time as we’ve known it are dissolving. 
The call to action is here.
The time to wake up is now. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

The Guillotine

Written By: Evan Jones

What The Hell's Going On Around Here?

Make no mistake: the United States finds itself in the early stages of a revolution. The protests, the riots, the sentiment, the conversation are all early skirmishes. This revolution isn't what it purports to be, though, and they seldom are. It's not about race or in fact not really even about George Floyd, the man which supposedly sparked the revolution in the first place. It's really about something deeper. The word "systemic" is thrown around a lot, and what is happening is an attempted systemic dismantling of the Old United States to make way for the New United States. Whether the revolution will succeed or fizzle and what we will look like on the other side of it is still being determined. The early skirmishes are still happening. The battle lines are still being drawn. But there cannot be any other conclusion than it is an attempted revolution.

A Second American Revolution may have been inevitable. It likely was if the United States survived long enough. Change is a law of the universe. Change into chaos is a law of the universe. Anything can only hold on so long. Plenty have already remarked that we may indeed be heading down that path sooner rather than later. The chasms between ideologies and values and worldviews is all too obvious if you spend virtually any time talking to anyone who thinks differently than you do. It's not that we disagree anymore, it's that we have different belief systems. Different ideas about and for the country we live in. There is talk of the coastal elites, the flyover country, the rust belt. All of which are cliches used not to define areas of the country, but to signify where the dividing lines are. Where the "us" and "they" are. 

And all of this is magnified by another inevitability: tyranny. For just as the nature of the universe is chaos from order, a law of government among men is to devolve into tyranny from liberty, if liberty can be wrangled from tyranny in the first place. The law of nature exacerbates disagreements which under a small localized government could be easily reconciled, into irreconcilable ideas on the structure and nature of society under a strong centralized government. And our government looks a lot less like a small citizen government than the worrisome all-powerful national government precisely warned about at our nation's founding. This is a little bit what the George Floyd unrest is about, at least maybe for some people and vaguely, but it's not really what it's about. Not under the slogans and the photo ops. What it's really about is an overturning. An upheaval. Rage. Revolution. 

The Second American Revolution

Expressions of rage can be cathartic. Especially so in the kind of sensory suppressed, sterile world we find ourselves in. We've largely stripped ourselves of any meaningful experience. The mediated internet experience leaves us wanting for reality, whether we know it or not, and simulated combat through sports and video games could only take us so far. A foggy window of true survival through "reality" television shows about people surviving was never going to get us anywhere. What people want, and have wanted, is reality. True reality. And if you made your way onto the streets for the opening salvo of the revolution, a jolt of reality is what you got. But I suspect people still want more. They won't be satisfied with just a weekend of throwing down with riot police or smashing windows or marching. It becomes abundantly clear from witnessing the protests and the events that unfolded because of them and the literature and all the surrounding conversation that people want more. The difference now, is that they seem to be fighting for it.

And this is why we must be extremely careful. Just as chaos is a law of the universe, so too is chaos the rule for revolutions. Throughout history, political revolutions usually give way to either a different king than the one that was deposed, or as we have seen with any number of Marxist revolutions in the 20th century, they lead to extremely brutal dictatorships. As was the case with Hungary, the stakes for revolution are very high and the outcome uncertain. 

The United States is the only revolution in modern history which led to a better system of government than the one it had revolted against. In fact, it led to the only system of government in history which guaranteed in its charter documents the rights of individuals and limited the power of government, not gave it more. The leader of the revolution voluntarily relinquished his seat at the head of the revolution even when he was asked to keep it. This is of course not to say that the United States was nor has it ever been perfect. No government instituted among men will ever be perfect. But another law of physical reality is that perfection cannot be achieved. The first American Revolution was truly a unique moment in political and world history, and while it wasn't perfect, it was better.

Sadly, I fear the Second American Revolution will not be better. All indications are that we are headed down a ruinous path. Rather than championing liberty and individual sovereignty, limited government and tolerance for all viewpoints, the leaders of this second revolution are championing the sentiments all too similar to the revolutionaries of the early-mid 20th century. Their slogans, their attitude, their signs, their graffiti, their actions, their cause, are all tragic echoes of Marxist revolutionaries which inevitably led their followers to the gulags. We do not want this future for America, no matter what sort of racial heartstrings the revolutionaries are pulling. We must actively oppose this future for America and understand that the fight for America and a more perfect union must be a discourse, it must be a unified intellectual fight, not a partisan street fight.

This Is What Revolution Looks Like

America is headed toward tyranny, and the tragic irony is that most Americans would agree with that sentiment. Most Americans would stand in lock-step and march against the tyranny we find ourselves in. That sentiment isn't exclusive to any race or political ideology. Which is precisely why the current revolution is not that, because a truly unified front beyond identity boundaries would lead to true change for the better. It would lead to decentralization and less power in the hands of leaders. So the current revolution is a highly orchestrated, centrally controlled operation with a successful propaganda campaign and carefully crafted emotional triggers that divide sentiments rather than unite them. Black Lives Matter versus All Lives Matter. Thin Blue Line versus ACAB. These divisions divide the sentiment and make it easy to identify who is with the cause and who isn't. These slogans are like Nazi armbands identifying who to purge. The purge isn't yet literal, but in some instances there are very real consequences for going against the revolution. And the end result will likely be American authoritarianism like few have dared imagine.

The censorship campaign, a hallmark of any Marxist revolution, is already upon us. It started with things like discussing the removal of Confederate monuments and flagging "fake news" but it is quickly seeking to blow down everything of the old way. Recently, HBO Max announced they would be removing Gone With the Wind because "the 1939 film was "a product of its time" and depicted "ethnic and racial prejudices" that "were wrong then and are wrong today." We should all be afraid of this idea because it's a completely vague notion that could very easily be applied simply to anything the majority or vocal minority disagrees with. It's perhaps cliche to say that today it might be Gone With the Wind today, but tomorrow it could be whatever is deemed unfit for the culture.

We have already seen for many years the effects on our discourse of political correctness which a cultural Marxist doctrine. Those effects are no longer sub-conscious or passive, but having a real effect on people's lives. As if there was some signal sent out to the revolutionaries, to speak against the revolution in the wrong place or in the wrong way now could very likely mean to lose your job, your status among your peers, or in extreme circumstances, your life. Just ask someone who tried to defend their business from the rioters.

The Guillotine

As Neil Howe and William Strauss identified in their book, "The Fourth Turning", what we are witnessing right now truly is inevitable, and it is a revolution. It is a bi-product of nature, of a generation coming of age and its natural urge to gain control of civilization from the "elder prophets" who currently control it. Therefore, the revolution will march on one way or another in our schools, online, in the form of stealthy censorship, and when we gather with friends. The old order will be overturned one way or another and give way to a new society. The only question is what will that look like?

Revolutions seldom end well, and this one has all the hallmarks of one that will not end well. Everything it is doing, and everything it stands for only erodes liberty. Rather than a united front, fighting against tyranny of all people regardless of identity, we've been duped into fighting battles along racial lines. We've been duped into the idea that all black people think the same way, and that if you're white and don't support the cause, you're a racist. These things are all you need to know about the nature of this revolution and where it will lead us. 

The best case scenario is that it fizzles, and at some point we can resume natural and healthy discourse and try and truly fix our government peacefully. This is both a best case scenario and in my opinion the least likely. The genie seems to have been let out of the bottle, and those who stand for this revolution seem to be on a course where there's no turning back. They've let everyone know where they stand, and where they stand is wholly removed from the idea of liberty as it was chartered at the founding of the United States.

The worst case scenario is that the revolution succeeds. The United States will resemble a Marxist State at this point. They restructure police departments into some bastardized Gestapo. Perhaps they take control of local governments, gain further power in the Federal government, and they successfully drive public discourse. They actively censor dissent, and culture is filtered through the lens of the revolution. If this happens, we can forget about the constitution. According to the revolutionaries, it was born out of a legacy of racism anyway and therefore it must be cleansed. A new course will be set for the United States which doesn't seek liberty or equality under the law, but will instead seek vague notions of "social justice" and "fairness". These, too, are Marxist slogans and what they really mean is you will agree with us or we will punish you. 

But the likeliest scenario is somewhere in between. The protests will fizzle. The street violence will fizzle. We will have an election. The National Guard will go back to base and the police will stay with us. But that doesn't mean the revolution has ended. Far from it. As it stands now, the revolution will plod along and make it harder and harder to talk openly about your opinions if they happen to differ from the "accepted" ones dictated by the revolutionaries. They may not be a majority, but right now they have a stranglehold on discourse. The censorship will continue and even get worse. As revolutionaries gain seats in public office, the ideas of the revolution will be enshrined in law. It will be harder and harder to peacefully resolve our differences and the idea of individual liberty and limited government will continue to be eroded. But there can only be liberty and equality under the law. Anything else is tyranny, and we must stand up to it.

This likely scenario is not as dramatic or swift as an all out bloody revolution, but it is perhaps more sinister. More dangerous. Because we won't see it coming. We haven't seen it coming. It's like the blade of the guillotine falling, but falling in slow motion. So slowly that we likely won't realize our heads have been lopped off until we're looking back at our body hanging there limp and wondering where it all went wrong.